I'm a Cat and it's Incurable

July 2023 ยท 2 minute read

All my life I have had a horrible affliction. It started in puberty and has never waned. I spend most of my free time lying in bed. Regardless of what chores or self-care I need to do, when those actions are done I end up falling back into the cool comfortable sheets of my bed. While some my insist that this is self-care I insist that this is me falling back on old habits when I once lived as a cat - in another life. The life of a cat is not too shabby especially if served by a human in which case a cat is a life of luxury including regular meals, brushing of the fur, and nearly unlimited places and time to nap.

All jokes aside, I don’t want to lie in bed all the time and I frequently find myself disappointed with my own antics. I’ve gone to the doctor to ask if I might be suffering from some physical or mental affliction and, unfortunately, all my known ailments are being treated. Perhaps it is merely the signs of melancholy a side affect of cPTSD. Regardless, I have berated myself about it enough to last a lifetime and, so, I merely call myself a cat and move on. I have found that regular exercise seems to keep the worst of it at bay but exercise is the antithesis to cat.